Meditation channel
Most of us think that meditation is sitting on a chair with eyes closed and picturing in your mind a serene location, floating in the middle of an endless ocean, or dissolving in the clear, blue skies.
Relaxation channel
10-15 minutes of relaxation with the help of our video will provide you with necessary rest, which you and your body requires. You can use relaxation technique during your work day, relieving tiredness and strain as they appear.
Anti-Depression Meditation channel
A human being in a state of depression feels like he or she can never get out from underneath its shadow.
Anti-Anxiety Meditation channel
The video on this channel is specifically designed to help you eliminate anxiety and worry from your life.
Anti-Stress Meditation channel
This channel will help you soften your state of stress.
Are you looking for ways to relax? To eliminate stress? To meditate? Then you have come to the right place! We bring you techniques, which can help you find balance and harmony. duck dice dash
You can see short demonstration video of Anti-Depression Meditation channel


Why do I need this?

   Today’s world is highly dynamic. Every day each one of us receives an unbelievable amount of information – we communicate with friends, family and colleagues, each of whom influence us with their particular moods, thoughts and behavior. We receive dozens – some of us hundreds – phone calls, emails and text messages. All people we talk to share something with us and expect us to react in a certain way, to adequately reply to their questions, to make rational decisions.

   Along with that we are continuously bombarded with a huge amount of visual information: advertisements, billboards, people rushing on the streets – all these factors along with many others affect our psychological well-being. Let’s not forget the Internet, which has become an integral part of most people’s lives.

   While many of the above-mentioned things make our lives more convenient, the drawbacks of their influence should not be underestimated. The problem with too much information is the strain it creates on our nervous system, which gets no time to recover – information flow is as great in our homes as it is at our workplace.

   Such continuous stress and lack of relaxation result in a lack of balance – we become irritable, feel tired and unmotivated to do even simple things, lose a sense of comfort in life and become unable to enjoy it.

   Our site was created as the means to help you recover and find a way to handle the enormous stress our nervous system endures. While we cannot eliminate the information overload, we can find means to nourish our inner world to withstand the never-ending informational attacks. Our meditation technique is meant to stabilize your psychological and emotional state, help you find balance in life and enable you to gain harmony in the rushed bustle of today’s life.


Terry Molligan, Montreal, CanadaFirst 2-3 minutes I felt great interest. Then video began to seem monotonous and uninteresting. However when 15 minute session has ended, I understood, that my condition has changed to the best! I cannot describe what exactly has changed. But I felt myself better. It is impressing. I want to use it during week-end when I have more free time. And I want to observe myself because these are new, unusual impressions.
Denise Johnson, Milwaukee, USAThanks! It helped me to get rid of my depression after parting with boyfriend.
William Berrington, Melbourne, AustraliaThanks
Anthony Gilmore, Philadelphia, USAVery peaceful video! The world seems better!
Amara Nam, Jacksonville, USAThere are six persons in our family. We 50/50 divided. Three of us think that these videos are senseless, and others, including me, use it very actively. We subscribed for a month, and then we will see.
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