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About our method

   Are you looking for ways to relax? To eliminate stress?  To meditate? Then you have come to the right place!  We bring you techniques, which can help you find balance and harmony. Our method is based on scientific principles, it unlocks mechanisms within your own mind to achieve the results you want. So, how does it work?

   It is a well-known fact that shape, color, and sound has a strong effect on the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of a person. Various cultures and nations used this knowledge in their healing practices, and our method uses the same knowledge.  Our techniques combine all three – color, shape, sound – to create ultimate tools for relaxation, fighting stress, and restoring mental balance.


Using sound.

   Ancient medicine men considered music an integral part of the healing process, which could bring harmony, extend life, and slow down the ageing process – it was said that music heals the body as it passes through our soul.  Choir singing was used to heal insomnia in Ancient Egypt; the ancient Greeks used the sounds of trumpet to heal radiculitis and disorders of the nervous system. Modern scientists have now confirmed the positive effect music has on human emotional and mental state.

   Such close relationship between music and healing practices lead to establishing an entire new direction in medicine called “music therapy”, which employs scientific principles to aid the healing process. During music therapy, acoustic waves are organized in particular musical structures to have effect on mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human well-being, as well as on our physical body and internal organs.

   This approach has proved itself and is widely applied all over the world. Our videos employ the same principle – an appropriate music selection accompanies all images, it is also combined with principles of color and shape to enhance the positive effect of music.

Using color and light.

   As we all know, any color is simply light of a particular intensity, and light is energy. It is no wonder than so many ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun – or the ultimate source of light and color.

   Modern science has now concluded that certain colors can cause physiological changes in a human body; this principle has become the foundation of chromo therapy and allows using color to balance the biological clock, restore immune, reproductive, endocrine, and nervous system.

  Science has established that colors can stimulate, excite, sedate, relax, increase or decrease appetite, give us a sense of warmth or cool – this is known as “chromo dynamics”.

  While it sounds like science fiction, it is very simple: light = electromagnetic waves. These waves can penetrate any tissue and deliver a particular type of energy to any area of a human body.  All colors have their own wave range and, therefore, contain particular information. Different wave range is the reason why various colors have such a diverse effect on our emotional and mental state – they can make us active, relaxed, emotionally stable.

  Latest scientific research also proved that colors have the same physiological effect on all people, without exception, despite individual color preferences.  Naturally, known properties of colors can be used in combination to achieve exceptional results.

Using shape.

  We use shape through introducing mandala in our materials. Mandala is a geometric composition traditionally used in various Eastern philosophical traditions to establish focus and concentration, it is widely used in meditative practices and is considered to be the geometric representation of our Universe.

  However, it also has application outside the religious tradition and philosophy: the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung used mandala in his practice and was the first to introduce it to the Western world. He discovered that his every drawing reflected his inner state at any particular moment; he then used these drawings to monitor his psychological transformations, to identify emotional problems, and, later, to restore the balance within personality. His conclusion was that use of mandala can help us discover our true center and retrieve our unique individuality.

  We have taken the traditional concept of mandala one step further, introducing an endless dynamic mandala, which is constantly renewed and serves as a powerful tool for concentrating attention.  By maintaining focus on the mandala center, we gradually drift away from our concerns and stresses, learn to focus our conscious and maintain it in balance.

  Despite their simplicity, these principles are becoming widely used in leading medical establishments all over the world due to their high efficiency and safety rate. Our method combines these principles in the most effective manner to bring you a sense of harmony gently and safely.

  So, to put it in simple terms, every video contains a symmetrical fractal animation, which employs the mandala principle and moves at a particular speed; all images are filled with particular colors in strict balance; all videos are accompanied by the specific music selection to have the desired effect on your body, mind, and soul.

  We bring you five channels, each with distinct purpose, which are a powerful tool to maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance. Every channel contains videos with appropriate colors, rhythm, music, and animation. The color rhythm used in our videos helps to stabilize and level the brain rhythm, which, in turn, has a balancing effect on the heart and breathing activity, leading to harmony in your overall mental well-being.

Using our channels has distinct advantages:

1) It is a simple and inexpensive way to reach harmony;

2) Our method is available for your use at any hour of day or night;

3) You can use our video channels anywhere you wish – home, office, vacation, etc.

  Our materials are an excellent tool for battling everyday stress, for finding relaxation even on the busiest days, and for maintaining proper focus in your life.

  It’s easy, it’s safe, it works – start your new life now!

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