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Description of channels

Meditation channel

Most of us think that meditation is sitting on a chair with eyes closed and picturing in your mind a serene location, floating in the middle of an endless ocean, or dissolving in the clear, blue skies. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Meditation is not a process, it is a state of being. This channel is designed to help you achieve such a state, where time flows differently, where your perception changes, where you can reach the ocean of harmony and lightness.

   Our mind is in constant motion. The more we try to slow it down, the more thoughts it generates, the more noise it makes. Our conscious is like a surface of a lake: in good weather, we can see our reflection just the way it is; the surface of the lake becomes distorted with a bit of wind, and we see ourselves distorted as well; when a storm comes, we cannot see ourselves at all. It is exactly the same with our thoughts - the more there are of them, the faster they move about, the less clarity there is in our vision of life and ourselves.
   Meditation is a state of absence of thoughts, when you can sit and contemplate that which is in front of you.  Meditation is a state of consciousness without thinking; since thoughts separate the world (time and space) from ourselves (our ego), stopping the thinking process brings a sense of unity with the world, which is accompanied by a sense of peace, calm, and bliss. The most valuable moments are those when you can stop the noise of fluttering thoughts, your inner monologue, even for a moment - at that moment you live “here and now”.

   Our method aims to help you achieve the state without clutter of thoughts, where you control your thoughts, instead of them controlling you. Just sit and contemplate the images on the screen. Our videos will help you find the center of your own self, your inner source of calm and balance.

Relaxation channel

Relaxation is something we all lack in today’s hurried life.

If you are tired, find just a few minutes to relax – it will not take a lot of time and is possible under almost any circumstances.

   10-15 minutes of relaxation with the help of our video will provide you with necessary rest, which you and your body requires. You can use relaxation technique during your work day, relieving tiredness and strain as they appear.

   It is well-known that yesterday’s troubles become less significant in the morning and are perceived less painfully. This happens because sleep is one of the best ways to relax. Generally we have very little time to restore balance to our nervous system and relieve stress, an action which, for example, might be needed before a difficult and important conversation. In this case you can simply sit comfortably in front of your computer, switch on our video and watch it according to our instructions, which will gradually help you reach a desired level of relaxation.

   So, we recommend to make it your habit, or better find time every day to allow a few minutes for relaxation.

Anti depression meditation channel

This is a light and easy way to disconnect from depression.

    A human being in a state of depression feels like he or she can never get out from underneath its shadow. However, there is no need to despair. Our video will fill your life with new colors and sound, bringing life into it. This is a meditation technique for fighting such an unpleasant state as depression.
    If you are currently taking medication to treat depression, do not ignore alternative treatments. Combining traditional methods with alternative ones can lead to wonderful results. Please, bear in mind that our meditation technique is not a replacement for clinical or medicinal treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Anti anxiety meditation channel

The video on this channel is specifically designed to help you eliminate anxiety and worry from your life.

   Anxiety has become a common companion for inhabitants of modern cities.  We are constantly worried for some reason – be it our health or health of our loved ones, family budget, work problems, misunderstandings or arguments with our family... What can we do? Of course, battle the anxiety!

Anti stress meditation channel

This channel will help you soften your state of stress.

   Modern life is full of problems, disappointments, high expectations and conflict. Stress has become so common for most people that it is considered to be a way of life. We generally picture stress as a negative event, tiresome work schedule or difficult relationships. Nevertheless, stress can be created by everything that causes strain and forces you to strive and meet high expectations. Such positive things as marriage, buying a house, college studies and even a job promotion can cause a significant amount of stress.

   If you feel overloaded and exhausted, you should take immediate measures to restore the balance of your nervous system. You can protect yourself from exhaustion by making use of our video-channel. As you follow our instructions for viewing the video, your level of stress will gradually decrease, and you will feel better after 5-7 minutes.

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