harmonyhere.com presents the original meditation technique.

How to Use

Please, follow these few suggestions to achieve the maximum effect once you’ve decided to use our meditation technique.

1)  Just watch the video and listen to the music for the first 10-20 seconds.

2)  Take a few breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

3)  Relax your body and facial muscles.

4)  Focus on the center of the video. The image on the screen will direct your attention from the outside world into your inner self, activating your internal energies.

5)  Breathe naturally and regularly during the sessions.

6)  After a few minutes defocus your gaze. Defocused perception will allow your eyes to rest and will prevent overload of your consciousness.

7)  Glasses or contact lenses will not interfere with viewing the video. We suggest that you try watching with them and without, selecting the option most convenient for you.

8)  Focus on the center of the video again.

9)  Select the variations between a focused and a defocused gaze as comfortable for you.

10) You can close your eyes for 1-2 minutes after viewing the video.

11) Relaxation, Anti-Depression, Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Stress are special channels. Meditation channel is universal.

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