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History of creation

   The story of this project goes back to 2005. At that time I decided to try meditation and was doing research on various meditation techniques. Very quickly my research came to a dead end – almost all meditation resources have images of a relaxed person sitting in a beautiful natural setting, who is happily meditating in this perfect world. I am not sure about you, but life around me rarely looks like that; generally, it moves at a very quick pace, there is always something happening – good and bad, occasionally job and home problems arise, everyone demands something from me, someone is always unhappy with me. Even more so, some people, whom I face on a daily basis, become an endless source of frustration; many things in life I cannot change, I simply have to accept them.

   Most meditation techniques I studied had me sitting a certain way, imagining a certain thing, focusing on something particular, looking at a particular object or a candle in a dark room, or stop thinking all together. However, I could not get rid of my thoughts, I would worry about one thing, then think repeatedly about something else. I really wished to achieve a sense of calm, to find inner harmony. Eventually, I realized that I needed something more to get the result I wished.

   Then I turned to other methods of self-help. I researched music therapy, bought many CDs with meditation music. I really like how it worked: switch on the music and listen. However, the effect still was not good enough, I wanted to enhance it.

Internet research leads me to information about chromo therapy. I read a lot about it and came to realize that there is a tangible effect from the way color affects us. It is no coincidence that logos of many strong corporations are blue: GM, Hewlett-Packard, GE, Facebook, Nokia,
VISA, Ford, Skype, Twitter, VW, and many others. I even painted walls in two rooms of my house to use color to my advantage: one room became green – for calm and harmony, another room was turned orange – to lift the spirit and fight depression. I started to listen to music in these new rooms – now music therapy and chromo therapy were combined.

   Effect was simply wonderful! Many of my friends would often come to sit in the “magic rooms”, as they called them. These rooms became my place for meditation, and it seemed for a while that I achieved what I wanted. However, eventually I started noticing the negative aspects of this approach: first, the house became two rooms smaller; second, I was tied to my house to meditate; third, there were only two colors – and it was simply not possible to keep painting the walls over and over again; finally, something was missing – something that would give structure to my conscious, balance and order to my thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

   Once again I started my research, and that is when I learned about mandalas.  When I tried to understand what it was, I paid no attention to the religious aspect of its use – I am not interested in it, it’s not in my nature; I researched it from a scientific point of view. In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle” or “center”. Basically, I stuck to the common scientific definition: symmetrical geometric image, inscribed in a circle or square. I became very interested in the clarity and order of a mandala structure. I printed out a few images of mandalas and added them to the music and color of my “magic rooms”. The result was simply outstanding! But it still did not solve the issue of being limited in wall colors and being tied to a house in my practice. Something else also bothered me: in all honesty, it was boring to look at the same image for 15-20 minutes, sometimes, I would simply get sick of it.

   This time I began looking for things, which could hold human attention for a long time and which would not be boring. To do that, the object simply had to move all the time. Now my mandala shifted to a computer screen and became animated. As it turned out, the speed of animation also has effect on our conscious – when a person watches an interesting, dynamic competition, he or she also becomes more active; however, if one observes people relaxing in a park, for example, the viewer then also becomes more relaxed. It was time to experiment with the animation speed for my mandalas – it was now autumn of 2010.

   Revelation came unexpectedly: one autumn evening my wife made a comment, “Why do you keep running to your colored rooms? Color your mandalas appropriately, and you will have all you need on your laptop – chromo therapy, mandala, and music.” That is how the current meditation technique came about. Many of my friends were happy to use it. I used appropriate colors and animation speed to create several videos for solving basic problems, which my friends talked to me about. I continued to create new videos, since our brain gets tired of monotony very quickly. That is how the idea of this project was born.  My method is now accessible to everyone, all you need to do is sign up. Signing up gives you access to five channels, each designed for a specific purpose. The meditation channel is universal – it helps to achieve and maintain inner harmony. The best part is, you can have access to the videos anywhere – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

  I sincerely hope that our site will help you achieve inner harmony and live a happy life.

Co-founder: Mr. ILY.

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