harmonyhere.com presents the original meditation technique.


Terry Molligan, Montreal, CanadaFirst 2-3 minutes I felt great interest. Then video began to seem monotonous and uninteresting. However when 15 minute session has ended, I understood, that my condition has changed to the best! I cannot describe what exactly has changed. But I felt myself better. It is impressing. I want to use it during week-end when I have more free time. And I want to observe myself because these are new, unusual impressions.
Denise Johnson, Milwaukee, USAThanks! It helped me to get rid of my depression after parting with boyfriend.
William Berrington, Melbourne, AustraliaThanks
Anthony Gilmore, Philadelphia, USAVery peaceful video! The world seems better!
Amara Nam, Jacksonville, USAThere are six persons in our family. We 50/50 divided. Three of us think that these videos are senseless, and others, including me, use it very actively. We subscribed for a month, and then we will see.
Rebecca Jacobson, Montreal, CanadaI think meditation is difficult, but now I meditate when I want
Christine Macey, Canberra, AustraliaI did not like it!
Monica Bush, Houston, USAI wanted to try to draw! Today I bought paints. May be I`ll become an artist? I have decided to try.
Mandy Richards, Louisville, USAProbably we get help when we need and ask about it!!!! I asked God to help me with my hard life and the help has appeared in the form of this site with these videos. Thanks God that has shown me your site. And to you that do such necessary work. God will save you.
Cheryl Bargeman, Chicago, USAit is very pleasant!))
Margaret Kennedy, New York, USAYour meditation technique is perfect
Tim Boolman, Wellington, New ZealandReally relaxing. After long negotiations I am restored to life. Thanks!
Julia Bush, Detroit, USAYes!
Cathy Derrick, Calgary, CanadaThat`s great! I feel relaxed and quiet!
Larry James, Boston, USAI didn`t feel myself such well and balanced since I left Tibet.
Neal Tracey, Belfast, UKI don`t like it. It is a waste of money.
Belinda Brown, Leicester, UKThis is for me
Linda Paterson, Philadelphia, USAMeditation channels helps me calm.
Karen Howard, New York, USAOh! It`s cool!
Mary Jeff, Montreal, CanadaThank you! In my opinion it`s really good and fast way to change your mood!
Sylvia Abar, Denver, USAIf all people begin to use your videos the world will become kinder...
Diana Bargeman, Montreal, CanadaIt helps to collect thoughts when I don`t know what to do :)
Laurie Larkins, Los Angeles, USAFor me, this is the best meditation techniques
Jay Parkinson, Sydney, AustraliaMy girlfriend told me about this site some days ago. Now I, my friends, colleagues and even my mother see the video!!!!
Melissa James, Auckland, New ZealandIt helps to relax
Joanna Nathan, Dublin, IrelandI practice yoga and like to meditate, thanks for fine possibility to do it easy!
Annette Longman, London, UKI began to meditate
Alyssa Benson, New York, USAI like it very much! The truth is I did not understand how it works… But I continue to use.

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